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Gulshan Bafna is the visionary COO of Vinayak Group. In a parallel life, where he is away from the negotiating table, he is a pure traveller seeking unseen and unknown experiences, a true lover of world cultures, languages, souls, food, oceans, with interest in the wild and urban alike.

In a fascination city like Dubai, the most difficult task for a tourist would be to pick few interesting places that are worth value and time. Especially a newbie will surely get confused in Dubai as it offers loads of exciting activities, beaches, vibrant nightlife, hotels, spots and shopping. On the other hand, city’s dynamics are constantly changing with an urge to develop unheard luxuries for people landing. To explore this traditional yet modern city without having any regret of something been missed, here are the top 11 places in Dubai which are most interesting and fun filled.

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Once in a lifetime we all want to experience a luxury vacation which should include everything from shopping to adventure to soothing views. And for a quintessential holiday Dubai (UAE) is one of the most preferred destinations. Traditionally Dubai’s lure for tourists was only based on shopping mall, but today this energetic and rising city has way beyond to offer. With great hospitality, endless beaches, unmatched art alleys, Atlantis theme park, world largest building, striking fountain show and thrilling Ferrari rides, Dubai can be the best holiday destination you should plan for. However, there are few things you need to know and consider for a perfectly planned holiday.

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