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Gulshan Bafna is the visionary COO of Vinayak Group. In a parallel life, where he is away from the negotiating table, he is a pure traveller seeking unseen and unknown experiences, a true lover of world cultures, languages, souls, food, oceans, with interest in the wild and urban alike.

Being Portugal a small country, many of us have a myth that it cannot entertain visitors and traveler. Although it is a least-tourist spot in Western Europe, if you love vibrant culture, great architecture, peaceful beaches, natural beauty and sense of romance then you will be allured by the charm and varied experience Portugal offers. Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal, but Porto country’s second largest city situated in the Rio Douro (River of Gold) region is the most attractive and worth visiting. By landing down to the World Heritage City, Porto you can explore the most unconventional features of Portugal. Here are some interesting facts about Porto that will entice you to settle on Porto for your next travel!

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A person with zest for life and passion for travelling will know how important it is to locate good food that maintains trill in the journey. Because, fun multiplies itself when the entire family/friends moving together are happy about what they are munching. And in a place like Dubai, where the excitement and adventure never ends, you can experience world class décor, amazing views and unforgettably delicious food while dining. But some of us have this wrong perception about Dubai that it is popular only for Arabic food and it’s a burden to locate veg treat. Actually, Dubai is a home for more than 40% Indians, so the place is capable to offer some quality vegetarian food in appealing environment even at reasonable price.

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Travelling is not only about seeing a different place; it is more about experiencing different cultures and values. And in a place like Dubai, cultures and festivals can be best enjoyed during the world-class Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF). It’s been 20 years since Dubai is been hosting this shopping festival, which is not only popular but also eagerly awaited shopping fiestas globally. Although this festival was initially designed to make Dubai as a global shopping destination for tourists and set benchmark for events across the world, it has today become the most exciting all-age entertainment junction.

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